Dr. Psathas is a pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine, leading the groundbreaking study on Maternal Spindle Transfer (MST) that has been recently published in the prestigious journal, Fertility and Sterility.

The study involved a talented and dedicated team of multidisciplinary scientists from internationally renowned institutions, including Embryotools (Spain), Juno Genetics (UK), the University of Oxford (UK), and Oregon Health & Science University (US).
The results of the study have led to the first six children in the world being born using the maternal spindle transfer (MST) technique.
These babies are closely monitored based on a special pediatric protocol and are in excellent health.

The pilot trial of Maternal Spindle Transfer involves mitochondrial replacement in human eggs while preserving the genetic material of the woman.

The Institute of Life – IASO and Embryotools are conducting this trial to explore the potential of addressing fertility issues caused by cytoplasmic dysfunctions and serious mitochondrial diseases. The clinical study is carried out at the IASO Hospital Institute of Life Lab and is licensed and supervised by the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction.

The trial was conducted in three phases:

  • phase 1 was a preclinical trial on murinae
  • phase 2 was a preclinical trial on human eggs, and
  • phase 3 was a pilot clinical trial leading to pregnancy.

In recognition of their research, the Institute of Life – IASO scientific team was awarded the Research, Innovation & Technological Advancement Award by the Athens Chamber of Commerce, and Industry in January 2020.


Important Note:

Births of children using the maternal spindle transfer method are performed in the context of an ongoing research protocol concerning a pilot trial that leads to pregnancy, which is conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of Law 3305/2005. Based on current scientific findings, the maternal spindle transfer method is not an established infertility treatment, nor a recognized method of medically assisted reproduction.